MarMar Land
Onyx Family
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HobbyKids Adventures

An animated adventure comedy featuring HobbyPig, HobbyFrog and HobbyBear, the three brothers from the mega-popular YouTube channel “HobbyKidsTV.” In this action-packed show created by hit-maker Butch Hartman (“Fairly OddParents,” “Danny Phantom”), the three cartoon adventurers will transport themselves to lands far and near in their time-bending Giant Egg (modeled after the Giant Surprise Egg that rocketed them to fame). HobbyKids Adventures! will launch on YouTube June 22.

MarMar Land

MarMar Land announces its partnership with YouTube megastar, Marlin Ramsey Chan, known as MarMar, to create MarMar Land – an open-ended, challenge-driven fantasy children’s YouTube channel designed to delight, surprise, educate and inspire. Filled with interactive elements, monsters, song and dance, this show wraps deep meaningful content, to help kids understand themselves and the beautiful world we all share, in a fun, dynamic, and explosive experience.

Onyx Family Monster Mysteries

Onyx Family also announces its partnership with YouTube superstars, The Onyx Family, to create Onyx Family Monster Mysteries – a 7 minute per episode animated adventure comedy. This incredibly fun show, which can be thought of as Scooby Doo meets Ghostbusters, follows the family as they rescue and bring monsters back to Atlas Island for the monsters’ own good.

Jillian’s Mystery Box of Craft


A live-action hybrid of “Chopped Jr.” and “Project Runway,” where Jillian is challenged by fellow YouTube craft queens to create a DIY project with a basket of mystery items, the bare essentials, and some sabotages (a la Evan) along the way.

EvanTube’s Dollar Toy Squad by

In this stop-motion animation/live action comedy, EvanTube and JillianTube will receive a mystery box every week containing the mixed-media adventures of a ragtag team of plastic bootleg toys from the dollar store as they thwart the evil plans of Rust-O-Tin and his cohort of evil toys.