In today’s ever-expanding, shape-shifting entertainment universe, we’re planting a flag for kids. A new kind of entertainment company, pocket.watch is fresh, fast and exuberant — combining the vitality of today’s digital grassroots with the enduring power of classic, epic storytelling. It’s for small-screen video and big-screen blockbusters, games, toys, and everything else kids love. A daring outlet for creators and visionaries, pocket.watch creates, acquires, distributes and curates content across many platforms. But more than anything…


is the entertainment headquarters kids have been waiting for.


We are experienced, hard-working professionals—paid to think and act like kids. Not a bad gig.

Chris M. Williams
Chris M. Williams
Chief Executive Officer
Albie Hecht
Albie Hecht
Chief Content Officer
Jon Moonves
Jon Moonves
Chief Strategy Officer
Allen DeBevoise
Allen DeBevoise
Member, Board of Directors


You could call us “backers” or “investors.” But we’d prefer you think of us as believers.

Third Wave Digital
Kombo Ventures
United Talent Agency
Orrick Ventures

Robert Downey Jr.
Downey Ventures

Chris Jacquemin
Partner, Head of Digital Media, WME-IMG

Les Moonves
Chairman of the Board, President, and CEO, CBS Corporation

Jon Landau
Producer, Avatar & Titanic

Steve Friedlander
EVP, Theatrical Distribution, CBS Films

Mike Moumoutjis
GM, Digital Commerce, Goodbaby

Matt Diamond
CEO, Defy Media

Doug Hirsch
Co-Founder & Co-CEO, GoodRX

Don Keller
Partner, Orrick

Anil Singh
Chief Sales & Marketing Officer (Former, 1995-2001), Yahoo!

Jonathan Skogmo
Founder & CEO, Jukin Media

Moj Mahdara
Co-Founder & CEO, Beautycon Media

Matthew Leaf
Co-Head, Motion Picture Business Affairs, CAA

J.P. Williams
President & CEO, Parallel Entertainment Pictures

Doug Robinson
Television Producer, The Goldbergs and Rules of Engagement

Robert Goldberg
CEO, Fresno Inc.

Brad Zions
Angel Investor

David Sievers
EVP (Former 2010 – 2016), Maker Studios


Pocket.watch has the deepest respect for those special creators who’ve boot-strapped their way to the top of the short-form video world. With monster-truckloads of imagination, tenacity, pluck and charm, they are inventing multitudes of popular new content forms and building authentic new brands that kids love.


Though small in number, the elite creators partnered with pocket.watch will have the collective power to transform industries. Each brings an individual brand — forged through passionate, personal fan affinities — with massive potential that has only yet been scratched. We’ll cultivate and harness these brands to earn premium market returns. We’ll navigate the complex showbusiness landscapes. We’ll help educate parents on the new frontiers that our kids are pioneering. And together, we’ll enjoy the sweet fruit of our efforts.


We are personally reaching out to a handful of creators at the top of this special class. But, if you or someone you know is pocket.watch caliber, then please feel free to get in touch.


April 26, 2017

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March 22, 2017

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Former Disney Executive to Launch Kids’ Digital Content Competitor

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