Shows makes shows that families can’t wait to watch in multiple, flexible formats!

Always innovating, we combine the best of both worlds with a blend of original shows and popular YouTube content to create new experiences for our millions of fans.

If you’re looking for family-focused content that inspires, delights, and delivers the fun, has the perfect solution.

Ryan’s Mystery Playdate

90 x 22-minute Live Action In this Emmy-nominated series, Ryan works to complete unique challenges and unlock mysteries to discover the identity of his mystery playdate! The series encourages physical play, problem solving, and positive family relationships. Every show has new surprises, activities and playdates.

Ryan’s World Specials

152 x 22-minute Live Action and Animation Join your favorite kid video superstar, Ryan, and all of his Ryan’s World friends — Gus the Gummy Gator, Combo Panda, and others — in all their awesome adventures! Discover how fun learning can be, as Ryan and friends explore the world through play!

Super Spy Ryan

1 x 30-minute Hybrid Live Action and Animated In Ryan’s latest adventure, the kid video star becomes Super Spy Ryan, joining forces with his Ryan’s World cartoon pals to defeat Pack Rat and Robo Combo, who are plotting to steal all of Gus’s birthday presents! When Pack Rat and Robo Combo seize the Golden Console, […]

Love, Diana

16 x 22-minute Hybrid Live Action and Animated Welcome to the Land of Play! Kid video superstar Diana and her brother Roma take you on a magical animated adventure where imagination rules and anything is possible, in the all new series Love, Diana by! Power of play, take us away!

Kids Diana Show Ultimate Mishmash

15 x 22-minute Live Action Meet Kids Diana Show: kid video superstar and every little girl’s dream best friend! Together with her brother Roma, Diana takes you along on all their family-friendly pretend play adventures. From dress up to role play, and other silly scenarios that spark the imagination: the creative possibilities are endless with […]

Toys and Colors Kaleidoscope City

9 x 11-minute Animation Welcome to Kaleidoscope City: a magical world where kids learn the importance of empathetic thinking! Alex, Emma, Jannie, and Eric – stars of the global sensation Toys and Colors – transport to this wondrous world to see things from a new perspective, with a little help from locals Dax, ChiChi, Matcha, […]

Toys and Colors Ultimate mishmash

15 x 22-minute Live Action Toys and Colors teaches kids life skills, letters, numbers, and more – all in a fun and family-friendly way. Join Wendy, Emma, and the whole Toys and Colors crew on all of their pretend play adventures!

Onyx Monster Mysteries

8 x 22-minute Animated With great compassion and super cool gadgets, the brave Onyx Family works to save the planet’s most endangered species — monsters. This scary comedy-adventure series proves how a family that works, plays, and lives together can learn to love one another a little more too.

Onyx Family Dinner

8 x 15-minute Live Action It’s Onyx Family Dinner time! Take a seat at the table and dive into topics like politics in sports and mental health. Some special guests, including Jemele Hill and Emmanuel Acho pull up a chair to add more insight. Make sure you have an empty stomach when you arrive because […]

Onyx Family Ultimate mishmash

15 x 22-minute Live Action Onyx Family, popular vloggers best known for their silly and spooky skits, stars in the brand new series, Onyx Family Ultimate mishmash! Enjoy the scary but comedic scenarios cooked up by siblings Shiloh, Shasha, Sinead, and Shalom–AKA Onyx Kids–along with Onyx Mom and Onyx Dad, Rita and Mirthell, on […]

HobbyKids Adventures

7 x 22-minute Animation Based on the popular family vlog, HobbyKidsTV, HobbyKids Adventures follows the antics of three brothers – HobbyPig, HobbyFrog, and HobbyBear – as they use fun, food and amazing inventions to avoid their arch enemies, the Slobby Kids, and make the world a better place! Created by renowned animator Butch Hartman.

HobbyKidsTV Ultimate mishmash

15 x 22-minute Live Action Come along on a learning adventure with HobbyKidsTV Ultimate Mishmash. Join popular vlogging family, HobbyKidsTV, in all of their playtime fun – including surprise eggs, games, challenges, and more!

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