We saw the future
and made it

A digital-first studio building franchises for the next generation of families: a fresh, industry-disrupting approach to forging franchises for Generation Alpha. We are the only kids and family digital focused studio that delivers 7.4 BILLION views every month — and growing.

We’re on a mission to transform the top-performing family YouTube channels into multi-category global franchises, and we’ve got it all — The Stars, The Shows, and The Goods — to bring kids more of what they love everywhere that kids play.

The Team Who
Plays Together

You know the saying: the team who plays together — disrupts an entire industry together!

Not just pathfinders but trailblazers and franchise forgers: When we say we have the best team, it’s because we’ve assembled great people who bring their best every day.

Together, we came to play and prove that pocket.watch is here to stay!

Chris M. Williams

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Albie Hecht

Chief Content Officer

Jon Moonves

Chief Strategy Officer

David B. Williams

Senior Vice President / General Manager, Channels

Cary Berger

General Counsel

Amanda Klecker

Senior Vice President, Marketing & Franchise

Chase Landau

Senior Vice President, Creator Partnerships

Jonathan Levine

Senior Vice President, Production & Studio Operations

Julia Moonves

Senior Vice President, Advertising Sales & Brand Partnerships

Beau Carucci

VP, Finance and Corporate Development

Manuel Torres Port

VP, Head of Consumer Products

Jeff Siegel

Global Head of Content Distribution

The Board

Siran Tanielyan

Siran is a seasoned M&A professional in the media ecosystem. In her role as Senior Vice President of Corporate Development at Paramount she oversees merger, acquisition, divestiture, investment and joint venture activity. Prior to joining Paramount (formerly Viacom) in 2014, Siran was an Executive Director at UBS Investment Bank focused on M&A and capital markets activity in the Media, Communications & Internet space.

Lauren Glaubach

Lauren is a media, technology, and growth executive with experience in strategy, operations, and partnerships. She most recently served as Director and Global Head of the Kids & Family business at YouTube, where she oversaw both the partnerships organization and the YouTube Kids programming team. Prior to YouTube, Lauren worked at The Walt Disney Company, with roles in Corporate Strategic Planning and Corporate Franchise Management.

Chris M. Williams

“Seeing your children sit in front of big screen televisions watching their iPhones really changes your perspective on kids media.”

This all too familiar scenario is one of the many reasons that Chris decided to start pocket.watch. As the company’s CEO, Chris is responsible for setting pocket.watch’s vision as well as helping to cultivate a strong working environment where his world class management team is driven to perform at the top of their abilities. Chris is a true pioneer of online video, with 20 years of proven success in both predicting and capitalizing upon marketplace holes that have dictated the future of media and entertainment. Most recently, he served as the Chief Audience Officer of Maker Studios and prior to that, he was the founder and CEO of venture backed startup, Take180. Both companies were acquired by The Walt Disney Company where Chris also launched Disney Online Originals, a division dedicated to the creation of Disney branded short form content. The earlier part of Chris’s career was spent at Yahoo, where he was one of the first 100 employees. Chris is married with two children and spends most weekends at his kids’ sporting events kicking it with other parents.

The Believers

We may be about bringing kids fun, but we mean business. We continue to attract powerhouse champions to invest in our dream — and watch us achieve it! They counted us out, but the numbers are in. Pocket.watch: Billions of reasons and counting to put us in your pocket and watch your investment grow. Don’t be left out — invest in bringing kids more of what they love. See the major industry players already taking part.

Robert Downey Jr.

Downey Ventures

Jonathan Skogmo

Founder & CEO, Jukin Media

Richard Clareman

President, All Access Apparel Inc.

Moj Mahdara

Co-Founder & CEO, Beautycon Media

Chris Jacquemin

Partner, Head of Digital Media, WME-IMG

Matthew Leaf

Co-Head, Motion Picture Business Affairs, CAA

Jon Landau

Producer, Avatar & Titanic

J.P. Williams

President & CEO, Parallel Entertainment Pictures

Steve Friedlander

EVP, Theatrical Distribution, CBS Films

Doug Robinson

Television Producer, The Goldbergs and Rules of Engagement

Mike Moumoutjis

GM, Digital Commerce, Goodbaby

Robert Goldberg

CEO, Fresno Inc.

Doug Hirsch

Co-Founder & Co-CEO, GoodRX

Brad Zions

Angel Investor

Don Keller

Partner, Orrick

David Sievers

EVP (Former 2010 – 2016), Maker Studios

Anil Singh

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer (Former, 1995-2001), Yahoo!

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