Ryan's Mystery Playdate

Ryan, his parents, and animated friends work together to complete unique challenges and unlock mystery boxes that contain hints to help him discover the identity of his mystery playdate.

pocket.watch presents Ryan's World Specials

Join Ryan and his friends from Ryan ToysReview, as they review toys, take on extreme challenges, open surprise eggs, and perform kid-friendly science experiments!

MarMar Land

YouTube’s lovable MarMar, leads his viewers and team of Explorers from his magical HomeBase through adventures, challenges, games and songs!

HobbyKids Adventures

HobbyKids Adventures follows the antics of three brothers who fly, bounce, zip and zoom their way through hilarious escapades!

The Claw

Audible Podcast. In this children’s horror anthology series, the robotic caretaker of a macabre warehouse unboxes crates full of artifacts with diabolical consequences.

pocket.watch EvanTubeHD Ultimate mishmash

Half hour episodes featuring the “best of” the EvanTubeHD YouTube channel, hosted by your favorite creator, EvenTube!

pocket.watch JillianTubeHD Ultimate mishmash

Digital super star, JillianTube, hosts this half hour live action series featuring the best of her YouTube content.

pocket.watch HobbyKidsTV Ultimate mishmash

Watch the best of the HobbyKids shows and content, hosted by the HobbyKids themselves!

pocket.watch CaptainSparklez Ultimate mishmash

Get your game on with Jordan Maron, AKA CaptainSparklez, as he takes on the toughest YouTube challenges and vlogs us through a da-in-the-life of a YouTuber.

pocket.watch Challenge Squad

Pocket.watch has taken the most popular viral hits from the Challenge Squad YouTube channel and created a fun, safe, and exciting half hour live action series.


The Do Crew

Anytime something needs to be fixed, built or repaired, Brother and sister Donnie and Didi Do are always ready to help solve the problem!

EvanTube's Dollar Toy Squad

A ragtag team of plastic bootleg toys from the dollar store attempt to thwart the evil plans of Rust-O-Tina and her cohort of evil toys!

Jillian's Mystery Craft Box

Craft Queen Karina Garcia is putting Jillian’s DIY-fortitude to the test! With the help of her adorable crafting buddies, Jillian demonstrates there’s always a crafty solution to any problem.


The story of a genius, fearless 9-year- old Latino boy who fights evil and injustice… in a bear suit.

Onyx Monster Mysteries
Ryan's Super Secret Science Show