HobbyKids Adventures

7 x 22-minute Animation

Based on the popular family vlog, HobbyKidsTV, HobbyKids Adventures follows the antics of three brothers – HobbyPig, HobbyFrog, and HobbyBear – as they use fun, food and amazing inventions to avoid their arch enemies, the Slobby Kids, and make the world a better place! Created by renowned animator Butch Hartman.

From the Massively Popular YouTube Channel – HobbyKidsTV!

HobbyKids Adventures follows the antics of three brothers who fly, bounce, zip and zoom their way through hilarious escapades! With HobbyPig’s leadership, HobbyFrog’s brains and HobbyBear’s cuteness, the HobbyKids use fun, food and amazing inventions to triumph over arch enemies, “the Slobby Kids,” and make the world a better place!

On YouTube June 22.


The oldest. The leader. The boss and the guy who calls the shots! HobbyPig is never serious. His main goal is to not only get things done but to look super cool while doing so. A total daredevil with no fear, he’s the first one to leap into whatever fray the HobbyKids find themselves in!


The cute one. The youngest, HobbyBear is super-mischievous and always getting into trouble! He’s so cute and adorable the he can get out of trouble simply by turning on his big, green, “puppy dog eyes.” But watch out when his eyes turn red…!


Always bouncing off the walls (hey, he’s a frog!) “Cowabunga” is his middle name! He’s a super-curious inventor and an expert at putting unlikely items together to assemble anything the team needs to help them in their adventures!

HobbyMom & HobbyDad

The Hobbykids’ parental units! Fun-loving and always supportive, HobbyMom and HobbyDad are the wind beneath the kids’ wings. The HobbyKids love doing things on their own, but when things get too big to handle, HobbyMom and HobbyDad are right there!

The SlobbyKids

SlobbyRat, SlobbySkunk, and SlobbySnake are the SlobbyKids! The polar opposite to the HobbyKids, you can count on these guys to find a way to try and ruin the day! You can often see them traveling around in the Street Beater, a vehicle made from junk slapped together from the dumpster!

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